Monthly Archive February 2018

Final salary pension transfers: get the right advice for you

Anyone looking to transfer out of a final salary pension worth over £30,000 must take financial advice by law. It is great to see the government recognise the value and importance of financial advice through this legal mandate.

But that still leaves many people wondering how to find an adviser you can trust, an… Read more

How to get compensation for a mis-sold pension transfer?

Are you concerned that you may have been mis-sold a final salary pension transfer? If so, we can help you make a complaint and receive compensation.

The plight of British Steel pension members highlights the potential for such mis-selling if people do not receive quality, personalised advice from a specialis… Read more

How final salary transfers are calculated: unraveling the mystery of the overnight millionaires

Low interest rates have created a bonanza of high final salary pension scheme transfer values in the last couple of years. Thousands of members have taken advantage by transferring out of their schemes. This has made them considerably cash richer and even mysteriously seemed to turn many people on average pro… Read more