ByVijay Thakkar Posted Mar 6, 2018

Why should I transfer out of my final salary pension scheme?

As explained in previous blogs, sky-high transfer values have made moving out of final salary pension schemes increasingly attractive.

But there are many other important reasons for considering a transfer to a private pension. These fit into the four categories of control; extra tax-free cash; dependants … Read more

ByRichard Hopkins Posted Feb 20, 2018

Final salary pension transfers: get the right advice for you

Anyone looking to transfer out of a final salary pension worth over £30,000 must take financial advice by law. It is great to see the government recognise the value and importance of financial advice through this legal mandate.

But that still leaves many people wondering how to find an adviser you can trust, an… Read more

ByRichard Hopkins Posted Feb 15, 2018

How to get compensation for a mis-sold pension transfer?

Are you concerned that you may have been mis-sold a final salary pension transfer? If so, we can help you make a complaint and receive compensation.

The plight of British Steel pension members highlights the potential for such mis-selling if people do not receive quality, personalised advice from a specialis… Read more

ByRichard Hopkins Posted Feb 5, 2018

How final salary transfers are calculated: unraveling the mystery of the overnight millionaires

Low interest rates have created a bonanza of high final salary pension scheme transfer values in the last couple of years. Thousands of members have taken advantage by transferring out of their schemes. This has made them considerably cash richer and even mysteriously seemed to turn many people on average pro… Read more

ByVijay Thakkar Posted Jan 31, 2018

Reach for your dreams now with a final salary pension transfer

Transferring out of a final salary pension scheme has allowed many of our clients to start fulfilling their dreams and ambitions immediately, without delay. Transferring means they can start taking an income or lump sum from age 55, and don’t have to wait until their scheme retirement age, which is usually 6… Read more

ByRichard Hopkins Posted Jan 24, 2018

Carillion failure ramps up threat to final salary pensions

The liquidation of building firm Carillon has once again highlighted the urgent need to take advice on transferring your final salary pension.

It is the latest high-profile corporate failure to threaten workers’ pension benefits and follows the well-publicised plight of scheme members at BHS and BritisRead more

ByDavid Bright Posted Jan 10, 2018

Why the time to transfer your final salary is now

Getting advice on whether to transfer your final salary pension to a private scheme could be the best new year’s resolution you have ever made. If you have been putting this job off, you should do it now for several important reasons.

Moving out of a final salary scheme has become much more attractive in the last … Read more

ByDavid Bright Posted Jan 3, 2018

Should I transfer my final salary pension?

It could be a golden opportunity

If you are one of those still pondering whether to transfer your final salary pension, you should seek specialist advice as soon as possible.

Transferring to a private scheme offers exciting options to many people, which is why an estimated 210,000 people moved £50 billion pou… Read more

ByVijay Thakkar Posted Dec 12, 2017

British Steel probe highlights need for quality advice on final salary transfers

The plight of thousands of British Steel pension scheme members highlights two key reasons for the rocketing popularity of final salary transfers – control and certainty.

Following a deal to help keep the company solvent, 130,000 scheme members were given a choice of moving their benefits to the Pension Pr… Read more

ByVijay Thakkar Posted Dec 6, 2017

A defined benefit pension transfer could bring the gift of future inheritance for your family this Christmas

A final salary pension transfer could bring very good tidings for you and your kin this Yuletide. It could allow you to protect your loved ones by leaving them a potentially large capital sum that would otherwise disappear when you die. With current high transfer values, opting out of your final salary scheme co… Read more

ByRichard Hopkins Posted Nov 29, 2017

Let your pension purr into life with a final salary transfer

One of my clients who was transferring out of her employer’s final salary scheme into a private pension told me recently that she wanted to be able to stroke her pension like a cat. It is a great metaphor to help visualise and understand why such transfers have become popular.

Staying in an employer’s final sa… Read more

ByMatthew Jordan Posted Nov 21, 2017

The FCA guide for the redress for unsuitable defined benefit pension transfers

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published on the 27 October its final guidance for the calculation of the redress owed to consumers who are given unsuitable advice to transfer out of a Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme. The new methodology will no doubt speed up the wave of expected complaints relatin… Read more